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There is a lot of history behind the telephone that we know of today in the early 21st century. The following are links to websites (at Telephone World and elsewhere) that help describe the history of the telephone from a technological perspective. 

Telephone History Pages at Telephone World

Pictures from the Museum of Communications
Pictures taken at the Museum of Communications in Seattle, Washington in May 2005.

AT&T Crash of 1990
An excerpt from a magazine with details of the "crash" of the AT&T long distance network in 1990.

Morris, IL Electronic Switch Experiment
A technical history for the first "electronic" switching system field trial experiment in Morris, IL from 1958 to 1962.

North Pittsburgh Telephone Company Unofficial History
An unofficial technological history of the North Pittsburgh Telephone Company in Gibsonia, PA (suburban Pittsburgh) to the present.

Old Bell System Operator Routing Codes
A historical listing of old routing codes that Bell System (AT&T Long Lines) operators used to use that performed special functions within the toll network.

Old Number 4 Crossbar Toll Tandem List
An extensive historical listing of Bell System Number 4 Crossbar (#4XB) toll tandem systems from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Other Telephone System Technical History
Technological history on various telephone company systems from the webmaster's personal perspective over the last 30 years.

Off-Site History Pages

History of AT&T
A technical history of AT&T, including videos of the development of the vacuum tube, first transcontinental telephone call, expansion of the toll network in the early days, the first coaxial cable, and microwave relay systems.

History of 911
A technical history into the 911 emergency system used in most of the United States and Canada.

Telecomwriting.Com's Telephone History Series
Tom Farley at has made an EXTENSIVE telephone history section that covers the history of the telephone from a United States point of view from 1830 through 1984.

Telecomwriting.Com's Radio Telephone / Cellular Telephone History
An extensive history on the history of cellular and early forms of mobile radio-based telephone systems. 

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