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The following are my personal comments on the Museum of Communications

The Museum of Communications is a facinating place! As I said before, I've wanted to visit the museum for several years and finally had the opportunity to do so. (Thanks Bruce, Melody and Dad!)

Here are some parting comments on the museum, and what I'd like to do if I ever get the opportunity to return:

If I were ever able to visit again:

  • I would take both still and video photos of all the switches in action. For example, I would take pictures of the linefinders go up and the wipers move when you take the phone off the hook and make a call on the step-by-step switch.

  • I would take a tape recorder or (other recording device) and make recordings from each switch to show how making calls would sound. Its so different than the generic sounds you find on the modern digital network.

Comments to the Museum caretakers:

  • All the phones that are connected to working central office switches should have their phone number printed on the phone dial. There were several phones that didn't have their phone numbers listed - instead they had just a generic "(311) 555-1212" number.

  • There should be a list of the central office (prefix) numbers associated with each switch, and to see the tandeming arrangements (how the switches are interconnected to each other)

  • People should be encouraged to make calls on the switches. I had to ask to make calls. It seemed like they didn't want the general public making calls.

  • There should be fairly detailed diagrams that explain exactly how the step-by-step, panel and crossbar offices work. I'm still in the dark on how panel and crossbar switches work.

Overall, I had a very fun time and can't wait to return someday!

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