International Telephone Sounds & Recordings
(Outside North America)


All over the world there are telephone systems. Some have their similarities to the North American system, some are vastly different. The following are examples of telephone recordings from places outside the US and Canada.

Files are in MP3 format. Click on each link to listen.


Number Disconnected or Unavailable (February 2002)
From Cable and Wireless Optus (announcement comes from international switching center). This announcement is played when somebody from Australia dials an incorrect or disconnected number when making an IDD call via Optus (but when calling some odd countries, the announcement is played by the called country instead). It is also played if somebody from overseas makes an IDD call to Australia and the call is passed through Optus (and the exchange of the dialing customer does not replace the announcement). 
Source: Liam Hutton

Number Not In Service (February 2002)
From Telstra (announcement comes from international switching center). This announcement is played in the same circumstances as the above announcement.
Source: Liam Hutton

US Toll Free Number Charged At International Rates (February 2002)
A call to an United States toll-free number via Telstra Australia. This is a complete recording of an IDD call to a US toll free number. There are two rather lengthy announcements at the beginning of the call to notify the customer of the charges, one coming from Telstra and another coming from AT&T in the USA. The sequence of what could be described as 'extra fast SIT tones' are standard on overseas calls to most countries from Telstra.
Source: Liam Hutton


Number Not In Service (October 1999)
An English language recording.


Not In Service (October 1999)
A Mandarin Chinese recording that says "The number you dialed does not exist, please check before calling, thank you." The number dialed was +86-731-123456.
Source: Dennis Wong

China Directory Assistance (October 1999)
Dennis makes a call to China directory assistance. Notice the "on hold" music and the AUTOMATED response!
Source: Dennis Wong

Number Not In Service (October 1999)
Number not in service recording in Chinese then English.
Source: Dennis Wong

Cote d'Ivoivre (Ivory Coast)

Not In Service
An English recording with a music background. The number dialed was +225-111111.

Dominican Republic

Not In Service  (April 1998)
Recording from (then) GTE-Codetel, first in Spanish then in English. The type of telephone swtich was an Automatic Electric #2EAX (2nd generation electronic switch). Notice on this call to intercept recording the ringback signal (click RING click). The number dialed was +1 (809) 528-7999.

Not In Service (July 2005)
A Spanish & English recording with a music background from Verizon Dominica (formerly Codetel). The number dialed was +1 (829) 222-2222 (soon this will be the test number for the new 829 overlay).

Not In Service (August 2005)
A Spanish only recording from Centenial Dominicana.

Source: Mark Cuccia

El Salvador

Not In Service
A Spanish recording. The number you have dialed does not exist. Thanks. The number dialed was +503-123456.

French Polynesia

Not In Service (August 2005)
A French only recording with a music intro. Note the European ring and reorder. The number dial was +689-555-121.


Not In Service
A German recording with SIT tones. The number dialed was +49-69-111111. The announcement here is "Kein Anschluss unter dieser Nummer" Literally "No connection under this number".


Not In Service
An English not in service recording. The number dialed was +233-21-111111.


Not In Service
This recording is first in Greek, then in English. The number dialed was +30-841-111111.


Not In Service
This recording is first in Spanish, then in English. The number dialed was +502-33-995566.


Iran #1 (October 1998)
This is an example of what NOT to do when trying to make a recording. This call is to a step by step switch in Iran. Notice the pulse dialing of the switch along with the 2400/2600 Hz chirps. The first one is OK, but the second one (when someone answered the phone) is "answer supervision" and cost me $6.50 for that call! OUCH! Don't try this one at home kids!!

Iran #2 (October 1998)
It appears this is the recording on their international gateway switch. This recording is first in Iranian then English, with music.


Number Not In Service (February 2002)
Female voice, both in Jordanian and English. Recorded from Australia.
Source: Liam Hutton


Not In Service
This has a man's voice in Kazah and a woman's voice in Russian. If translated word for word it says "Number you have dialed is non-existent." The number dialed was +7-31-722-111111.


Not In Service (AIS) (November 2004)
An Automated Intercept System (AIS) recording in Spanish. The number dialed was +52-5533-9999 via Sprint LD in the USA.

Not In Service (CIS) (November 2004)
A Centralized Intercept System (CIS) recording in Spanish. The number dialed was +52-5533-9999 via Vartech LD in the USA.


Area Code Change Announcement (February 2002)
Female voice, both in English and Mongolian. The number dialed was number dialed was +976-1-111-1111. Recorded from Australia.
Source: Liam Hutton


Not In Service
A recording first in English, then Portuguese.

New Zealand

Call Not Completed (April 1998)
Recording when you cannot complete an international call to New Zealand. Notice the British style ring and reorder.

(West) Samoa

Number Disconnected (August 2005)
A centralized intercept recording from SamoaTel in both English and Samoan. The number dialed was +685-600999.

South Africa

South Africa Area Code Is Invalid (June 1998)
A tri-lingual recording (English, French & German) informing the caller that they have dialed an invalid area code for South Africa.
Source: Joe Norton

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Thuraya - Call Is Incomplete (November 2003)
Thuraya is a satellite telephone communications service based in UAE. This recording in English, Arabic and French.

Thuraya - Number Is Not In Use (November 2003)
This recording is in English, Arabic and French.

United Kingdom

International Call Cannot Be Completed (March 1998)
At one time, MCI was routing calls to Afghanistan (country code +93) via British Telecom in the United Kingdom. If the call made it outside the US but was deemed invalid when it reached the UK, you got this recording instructing you to "...dial the International Operator on 155."

The Number Has Been Changed (March 1998)
Recording from London, England informing of a phone number that has been changed. Notice it uses the European numbering convention using zero as the first number.


You Dialed Wrong Order (October 1998)
An English recording, followed by Russian. Uzbekistan used to be a USSR republic (country code 7). Obviously English is not this lady's first language.

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