Modern North American
Telephone Sounds & Recordings


In the North American telephone network, people encounter many sounds while using the telephone. These sounds include call progress tones (dial tone, busy, ringback, reorder) and occasionally encounter intercept recordings ("The number you have reached is not in service"). Here are some examples of these recordings that you may encounter when making telephone calls.

Modern North American Sounds Index

Automated Intercept Local Telephone Company Recordings
automated intercept local telephone company recordings.

Centralized Intercept Local Telephone Company Recordings
centralized intercept local telephone company recordings.

Long Distance Telephone Company Verifications
Long distance telephone companies set up "verification" recordings that people can call to determine who their long distance (Inter-LATA and Intra-LATA) carrier is. These are examples of such recordings from AT&T, MCI, Sprint and other carriers.

AT&T - General Error Recordings
General error recordings from AT&T's long distance network & CLEC network.

AT&T - Operator Services Platform System Recordings
Recordings from AT&T's OSPS operator services platforms.

Other Long Distance Company - General Error Recordings
General error recordings from other long distance companies such as MCI, Sprint, Global Crossing, Verizon Long Distance & Vartec.

Other Long Distance Company - Operator Services Platforms Recordings
Recordings from various long distance company operator services platforms.

Area Code Test & Change Recordings

Area Code test and change recordings from various long distance companies and local companies.

Canadian Telephone Sounds
General Error & other telephone related recordings from Canada.

North Pittsburgh Telephone Company Recordings
Centralized intercept recordings and other miscellaneous examples from the North Pittsburgh Telephone Company.

Cellular/PCS Recordings
Recordings from cellular & PCS systems such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Alltel and others.

Time/Temperature/Weather Forecast Recordings
Listings (and example recordings) of various time, temperature and weather forecast services from around the US & Canada.

Miscellaneous Modern Telephone Recordings
Miscellaneous modern telephone recordings not otherwise categorized.

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