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The following are examples of AT&T's Operator Services Position Station (OSPS) operator services platform.

Files are in MP3 format. Click on a link to listen.

AT&T OSPS Recordings

Double "0" Menu (February 2002)
The menu you receive when you dial "00" on AT&T (or dial 101-0288-0 when AT&T is not your default long distance company) to access the OSPS platform.

1-800-CALL-ATT Menu (February 2002)
The menu you receive when you dial 1-800-CALL-ATT to access the OSPS platform.

Call Cannot Be Completed (February 2002)
An example of a call cannot be completed recording from the Richmond, VA OSPS (804-0T)

Call Cannot Be Completed (4ESS style) (September 2005)
An example of a call cannot be completed recording from the Jacksonville, FL OSPS (904-0T) which sounds more like a recording froma 4ESS tandem.

Source: Mark Cuccia

All Circuits Busy (September 2005)
An example of an all circuits busy recording from the Richmond, VA OSPS (804-0T)

Example Calling Card Call - English (November 2003)
An example of an AT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT.

Call Not Completed - Unable to reach Operator Services Platform (September 2005)
This was an attempt to reach 800-CALL-ATT via Vonage VOIP service, but did not complete since there was a problem with Automatic Number Identification (ANI) transmission from Vonage to AT&T.
Source: Mark Cuccia

"800 Operator" Voice Prompt (September 2005)
When calling an AT&T operator via the 800-OPERATOR line, this is the voice greeting just before a live operator comes on the line.
Source: Mark Cuccia

Foreign Language Dial-ups
AT&T offers OSPS services in a number of foreign languages. These are examples of calling card calls when using these foreign language dial-ups instead of the English version. The format is exactly the same and uses the same platform - except the prompts are in foreign languages. The phone number for each of these dial-ups are listed below the link for each language.

Example Calling Card Call - Arabic (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Cantonese Chinese (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Hindi (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Japanese (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Korean (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Mandarin Chinese (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Polish (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Portuguese (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Russian (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Spanish (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Tagalog/Filipino (November 2003)

Example Calling Card Call - Vietnamese (November 2003)

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