Other Local & Long Distance Company
Operator Platform
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The following are examples of other local or long distance telephone company operator service platforms sounds and recordings.

Files are in MP3 format. Click on a link to listen.

MCI Operator Services Recordings

1-800-Collect call example (November 2005)
1-800-Collect is an operator services platform for MCI that places emphasis on placing collect calls but allows calling card calls as well. The voice is Pam Bassett.

Sprint Operator Services Recordings

1-800-FON-CALL example (January 2006)
1-800-FON-CALL is an operator services platform that Sprint uses for calling card calls. This is an example to a call that goes to a non-working number (rejected by the end phone company and is "kicked back" to Sprint, resulting in a Sprint recording).

950-1033 call example (January 2006)
The 950 prefix was originally intended for calls to operator platforms other than AT&T. This has been phased out for the most part, but this one from Sprint is still in use. Unfortunately I did not have an active calling card to make a call on this platform, so you'll hear the Touch Tones of placing the call, the steady tone where you could dial a call, and then reorder.

Other Long Distance Company Operator Services Recordings

Level 3 Communications VoIP Operator Services
Level 3 Communications operates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. Here is a call to the "branding" for the operator. Notice the fake dial tone from the interface box.
Source: Anonymous submission

Other Local Operator Services Recordings

at&t/SBC Local Operator Prompt (December 2006)
SBC (now at&t) local operator platform prompt. Notice the new "at&t" branding and the canned operator response.
Source: Joe Molter


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